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Hotel Electronic Door Locks Houston

When you operate a small local hospitality business, you need ways to keep your guests at ease each and every night. Regardless of the amenities you offer, guest safety is your first priority and having the right high-tech hotel locks helps.

Travelers look for comfort and aesthetics when choosing a place to stay, but they also require a feeling of security. They want to feel safe. Your guests deserve the added peace of mind that comes with knowing that your hotel door locks systems will prevent break-ins, thefts, and other dangerous situations.           

It’s no wonder why so many local Houston, TX, business owners and hoteliers throughout the country choose us at Safelux. They know that we offer the most secure motel door locks on the market, providing the best results each time.

When you need help promoting better safety measures for your guests and staff, we provide the tools you need for enhanced protection. If you want your visitors to feel safe and secure in choosing your establishment, then you need Safelux for superior electronic hotel locks.

Hotel Door Lock Systems Houston

Whether you took over ownership of a local establishment or started a franchise, you may have one of the many small hotels that rely on outdated locks. As a result, guests find themselves sleeping with one eye open all night, jumping at every noise outside their door.

And if their units face the street, it only keeps them further on edge that someone could easily break in. Instead, an RFID front door lock secures each room without costing you a small fortune. Your guests will feel protected and secure each night. Guests who sleep well are happy guests for your staff.

Unlike standard locks, handles, and knobs, RFID lock systems secure every door on the property. They won’t open without the correct keys. Distributing an RFID room key to each guest is also a better alternative than keeping up with magnetic cards or keyrings.

Not only will your customers feel much safer during their stay, but they won’t struggle with the door each time. Make your visitors’ lives simple again with our best RFID locking systems that continue to keep your rooms secure day and night.

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Why Install Hotel Electronic Locks?

Do you feel as though you missed the memo on switching to electronic door locks for hotels? Unfortunately, many small, local lodging establishments found themselves left behind by an unexpected shift in the industry. Many property owners are now scrambling to catch up.

Surprisingly, the electronic hotel door lock received a patent back in the mid-1970s, but it didn’t take off until decades later. Now, every major lodging chain, resort, and other businesses only use RFID door systems for enhanced safety and protection for their guests.

Not only does utilizing older keyed entrances make your establishment appear ancient, but it doesn’t lead to confident guest visits. A lack of RFID hotel cards may cause your visitors to feel uneasy about their rooms’ safety levels.

Even with connecting door chains and traditional secondary locks, nothing provides better protection for guests than RFID door entry systems. When you need a straightforward approach to updating your existing locks and entrance components, we can modernize your motels now.

What is “RFID”?

When you have only known standard keys and locks, it may sound confusing to hear about newer hotel RFID locks. Many business owners aren’t quite sure what it means, or whether it’s the right choice for their rooms and visitors.

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, and the technology behind newer door locks has existed since the 1940s. It wasn’t until the mid-to-late 2000s that many establishments made the push to adopt these updated hotel door lock systems.

These locks work by sending short-range radio waves, as well as an identifying tag, that unlocks guests’ doors. It’s the same principle behind your keyless car entry or your fob used at your local gym for membership use.

Your hotel RFID cards quickly sync to your guest’s information, allowing them to enter only one unit with their tag. If you have experienced wandering guests who try to access other rooms, an RFID key lock prevents unwanted visits from nosey neighbors.

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See why Safelux remains the leader in electronic motel locks today with affordable upgrades. Click the button on mobile to be connected with one of our friendly staff and we will help you deicde what is best for your company. We look forward to serving you!

Is RFID a Safe System?

One concern that the staff at Safelux hears time and again is about the safety of using RFID cards. The reason why some people feel unsure about exposing guests to these systems is information surrounding their short-wave radio signals.

Your hotel card lock system does not generate enough harmful rays to warrant concern over their use, even during extended stays. Chances are, your body gets exposed to far more radiation from cell phones than what the key cards can produce.

The system activates when a guest presents an RFID-enabled card at a door lock. The door either unlocks or rejects them. When left in a wallet, pocket, purse, or drawer, it is harmless during the entire room stay.

Most troubling reports regarding RFID technology occur within experimental trials for things like microchip injections for family pets, not hotel room cards. It’s why you will see that most significant names in hospitality have already upgraded their guests’ security needs to these locks.

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Who Uses Electronic Door Locks?

Another area that local lodging groups have concerns about is whether or not their establishment needs newer door locks. If you rent out units at a campground, have outside doors and hallways, or other challenges, will electronic locks work?

Whether you operate a hotel, a motel, outdoor camping units, or other lodging options, virtually all of them can benefit from these systems. Our company assists the hospitality industry throughout the nation.

From enhancing your guests’ level of privacy to knowing that visitors stay safer during their visit, we keep you protected. We assist companies that have 20 rooms, 200, 2,000, and more, making us your trusted name in updated door locks.

When you need a straightforward approach to securing any guest room or bringing your business into the future, call now. We want to help you maintain a better hospitality experience for more guests who stop by all year.

Why Update My Doors?

Many local motel owners think that installing a cheap sliding chain lock on a door can provide enough nightly defense. Unfortunately, the average door chain leaves your guests vulnerable. It is not an adequate safety measure. Even if your guests were to secure the entrance to their unit, a swift kick could send the door crashing.

If you feel worried about what happens when your guests lose a card, the system picks right back up again. Simply sync a new RFID chip media to their account information, and they have a new key made in seconds. The old one will no longer work.
And when guests go to use their electronic room card, all they need to do is tap it to the lock. They receive access within seconds without having to drop all their luggage in the hallway to wrestle with doors.

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What About Mag-Stripe Cards?

Before more hoteliers made the change to radio-frequency cards, many relied on and continue to use magstripe options for doors. Magnetic strip entrance cards work like a credit card, and one swipe is all you need to head inside a room.

However, they also tend to wear out sooner than anticipated, and it isn’t long before guests must swipe multiple times. Not only is that a more frustrating experience for them, but repeated attempts could confuse the system and force it to remain locked.

While mag-stripe systems are still in use throughout many lodging establishments, they aren’t as effective as RFID card locks. And because so many details can get tagged with our electronic systems, you can expand its usefulness further for guests.

Many resorts make RFID systems act as a room charge card that bills a customer’s room account without retaining identifying information. You can create a simplified way for them to order food, drinks, and other amenities without exposing their sensitive data.

Here is just a sample of some of our products. To see more, please choose type below.

Are RFID Cards Worth the Cost?

The downside to purchasing RFID card systems is that individual pieces can cost anywhere from $0.55 to $1 per unit. Magnetic strip entrance cards, by comparison, generally only cost a few cents per item, making some owners worry about purchase prices.

However, what companies may not understand is that the cheaper magnetic cards will not last nearly as long as RFID. Not only do mag-stripe systems wear out sooner, but RFID cards will not become demagnetized, making for more convenient vacationing.

There’s no need for guests to call downstairs in a panic that they can no longer use their room keys. More advanced systems can even integrate a user’s cellphone to act as a key.

Stand-alone RFID systems for your motel or hotel units also leave your guests feeling impressed with their ease of use. You may find that your lock systems become a selling point. This clear security solution attracts repeat visitors to your property.

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