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Right now it feels like an exciting time for more industries as subtle changes come to existing tools that we use each day. For example, electronic door locks now are replacing traditional key entries and even some similar security systems throughout Houston, Texas.

Even many residential homes, commercial offices, and non-hospitality industries have adopted newer RFID entry locks for enhanced privacy and security. If your hotel, motel, or other lodging business hasn’t considered making the change, you are already falling behind the pack.

That is why Safelux continues assisting more local small businesses, as well as companies throughout the United States, to find solutions. Since 2006, we have been providing quality electronic door locks that make any employee workspace or guest area feel more secure.

When you use our advanced, yet affordable, systems for all your entry needs, it helps you provide security at a fair price. If you finally feel ready to join the modern age of door security, then contact us today for your locks.

What are Electronic Door Locks?

The first time we tried selling an upgraded motel door lock system, they scoffed at our keyless digital entry systems. Although the technology has been around for decades, it has only been recently that the hospitality industry has taken notice.

Traditional locking mechanisms rely on machine-ground keys for each individual lock. Often, locking chains are also part of this door security system.

Newer systems use some amount of keyless access points, either with the use of PINs, RFID chips, or other components. They also offer some people added functionality, such as long-range connections to their home to secure their doors from anywhere.

Today’s electronic door locks employ a variety of methods, appearances, and end-user experiences. Whether a system uses a Bluetooth connection to smartphones or relies on RFID chips, you have many options available.

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Motel Electronic Door Locks

rfid locking systemsWhether you operate a local lodging facility with a handful of units or a few dozen properties, you need RFID doors. It’s no wonder why the big hospitality chains and luxury resorts have already adopted these upgraded entry systems for guests.
Although many properties use chains and slide locks to secure guest rooms, this combination does not provide adequate security. Without proper installation, and even sometimes when installed correctly, a swift kick to the door easily could rip it straight from the wood frame.

Instead, newer digital locking systems will not open without the right chip signaling the mechanism within the door. Each card syncs to the visitor’s room number. No identifying data attaches to the card, so your guests’ information remains secure.

When you are ready to upgrade the security for guests at your property, it’s difficult to beat our superior systems. Contact us today to give your motel, staff, and guests the added boost in security you require to join the modern hospitality market. Our expert staff will have precisely what you need.

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How RFID Improves Your Hotels

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Some local business owners might not realize that purchasing an updated locking system gets them more than a fancy new doorknob. When you make the change, you can also enjoy more secure door frames and hardware for a better sense of security.

Whether you need to keep guests away from specific areas, seal away cash, or improve guest rooms, RFID works best. Each card has an embedded chip which sends out a harmless radio frequency that signals the lock to open the door.

These systems will not demagnetize when placed next to a cell phone or credit card, and they last much longer than options with magnetic stripes. Mag-stripe systems require frequent replacements, causing higher maintenance costs for most users.

Join the ever-expanding community of hospitality professionals who already have learned the benefits of electronic door locks. Contact Safelux now to see why we remain the best source for advanced door systems that leave your guests safer.

Enhanced Safety

One of the top priorities for travelers is a feeling of safety when they are tucked in for the night. When they feel that you do not take their personal security seriously, they may choose to stay elsewhere.

Guests know that an electronic door lock on their unit will offer one of the safest options, day and night. And when guests feel safer on their first visit, they soon return knowing they can entrust their vacation to you.

Less Maintenance

When your motel still relies on physical door keys, you wrestle with significant maintenance costs throughout each year. Missing keys, damaged locks, frequent visits from the locksmith, and more all contribute to lower profits.

Even with mag-stripe entrance systems, you are spending a fortune on replacement cards every month. Instead, RFID door locks will last for years with little to no upkeep, making them a worthwhile investment for your property.

Better Security

Whether it’s due to language barriers, burning curiosity, or just getting lost, how many times have you found guests in restricted areas? Not only does it get frustrating having to explain why they can’t go in there, but it heightens your liability.

It also helps to keep your staff at ease knowing that guests cannot interrupt them while in employee areas. Unless they have the right fob or RFID card, they won’t be able to get the door open.

Affordable Motel Upgrades

One reason why more hoteliers haven’t made the switch to RFID already is that they feel concerned about their potential installation costs. Some other systems can cost a significant amount and still not work correctly without supplemental service and subscriptions to security companies.

We have been the trusted name in affordable electronic door locks since 2006, providing you with newer systems that fit any budget. When you need to know you’re getting the best value for lasting guest protection, we offer you excellent purchasing options.

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Improved Guest Experience

While some guests may see a rusty brass key as charming, most will roll their eyes at the building’s age. And with the internet at their fingertips, they might not even make it inside their room before posting complaints online.

Newer RFID hotel locks, however, always impress your guests by clearly showing that you take their stay seriously with added security. And when your visitors know you go the extra distance, they appreciate it enough to make repeated trips to your establishment.

Less Headache

When a guest knows that someone other than themselves was in their room, they usually need to inform the police. As the business owner, that means that they will need to speak with you, even in the dead of night.

And when you have this situation happen on more than one occasion, it only leads to more frustration for you. Upgrading your units with our affordable electronic door locks saves you on liability and paperwork throughout every guest visit.

“Wow” Factor

When you install top-tier RFID locking systems, you take your property to the next level. In return, you can likely ask for a slightly higher nightly rate to offset any installation costs you incur.

And today’s guests quickly take any opportunity to express their positive experiences online through social media. They likely begin posting before leaving the lobby. And as any motel owner can tell you, any positive publicity becomes good exposure online.

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Why Make the Change?

Major hotel brands started converting their units to electronic door locks about 20 years ago, with more joining the trend each year. Many franchised brands even make it a requirement that local owners install them for their guest rooms to minimize risks.

Retrofitting your existing units or installing RFID systems in new doors costs about the same amount, making it reasonably affordable. Safelux easily can install units throughout your whole property, big or small.

Each system includes the hardware, and all you need is a working computer to bring every digital door lock online. We provide our highest quality products to motel and hotel owners throughout Houston and beyond, helping more professionals save money daily.

One straightforward replacement is all that it will take to provide a superior guest experience than you ever could before. See why so many chains and individual hoteliers have made the leap to modern RFID door lock systems. They know the future is here

Modernize Your Motel Today

The speed and ease with which consumers change their mind often outpace your attempts at meeting guest demands. Today’s visitors want to know they will get the safest, most comfortable experience at the lowest price they can find.

If you expect to compete in the current competitive hospitality industry, you need to modernize and upgrade your units for a fair price. We can help you save more on updating your guest’s security needs with the latest in electronic door locks today.

Don’t allow your motel to get left behind everyone else. Choose Safelux for your best selection of RFID door systems.

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